Ingo Schäder, born in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, has been a skateboarder since 1989 (including a break of some years) and started to take a camera with him to shoot pictures of the skaters and friends he was on the road with in 1999.
Ingo got his first images published In the early issues of Boardstein, a skateboard magazine launched in early 2000, thus creating 'Ingo the freelancer' from that day on. Soon after Ingo would go on to land images in other international magazines such as Kingpin Magazine (EUR), Playboard Magazine (GER + AUSTRIA), Limited Magazine (GER), Monster Magazine (GER) & Brett Magazine (GER), all the while expanding his mediums from b&w, color, sequences and 6x6. Ingo's broad use of mediums in combination with his simplistic style have earned him many published photos, coveted cover shots, and commercial jobs covering everything from fliers, posters, and websites
This Website is meant to provide a brief overview on Ingos work. Skateboardphotography, musicphotography, portrait & some misc flicks. Please feel free to leave a message in the guestbook, to drop Ingo a line using the formulary in the „contact“ section and, of course, to flip through this online portfolio.
Enjoy it & all the best to you!

Ingo would like to say „Thank you“ to:
Stefan Lorenz, Jonny Hoffmann, Mark Frölich, Bartosz Ciesilski for being my first „models“. All the other skaters busting their asses for my lense, thanks for your trust! Eric, Bastian and Klaas for beeing my photobuddies. Boardstein (for publish my first pictures and still appreciating my work), and the other magazines for printing my stuff. ;-).

Ingo would like to say „Hello“ to:
Morphium, EOS, Freedom, allmighty Fotobande and many many more...
You know who you are...

A special credit to Klaas Kleinschmidt, & for the php coding of the website, for hosting and for special 24/7 service, to Eric Mirbach for the texts and for the design and to Jiggliemon for beta-reading.


Issue 38 of Kingpin Magazine has arrived and features some pictures of mine Check the Shine ON with Danny Sommerfeld, the short article about the Starlight Express RedBull Event and last but not least the Article about Cleptomanicx (How to dig your own grave)